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About Us

Bright and lively perspective on human endeavor 

After more than a decade of leading innovation with and for sector leaders, developing and launching market-changing products, services, brands, non-profit and for-profit partnerships, and private and public enterprises, Leslie Hayman founded Abraxas & Simba Holdings Inc (AbraxasHoldings) in 1995. 

Aim: Bring together diverse talents to adapt to changing times, lead change to create new enduring value, and contribute to a better tomorrow for us, and our loved ones around the world.


In this, we are distinguished by our focus on standards and respect for authorities who uphold their responsibility for meaningful policies and regulations to grow meaningful markets, open for reasonable exchange. Human technology, systems, Goods, Services, organizations, and finance may well be respected as the key to products, expressions, and extensions valued by living conscientious people.     

We are inspired by those who truly enjoy life, live, and work with others to face and resolve challenges... from the depths of aqua-blue oceans to the heights of glacier-topped mountains soaring into the clouds from tropical rain forests. Across continents and cultures, we relish growing and sharing essential resources for a better quality of life. We love the essentials for life, clear water, and the full spectrum of light that shines through us to behold and find our place in a complex and dynamic world.

We have met many a mountain along the way. So, it is our honor to explore this planet with people of wondrous spirit, kind heart, and genuine good intent. We appreciate learning through this journey with inquisitive creators and a diverse range of authentic collaborators.

Many a mountain


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